Multi-Residential Properties

Are you interested in branching out with your investments?

Are you currently financing a multiple-dwelling property or interested in investing in multi-residential properties? These types of investments can help you build up your wealth as you work to become financially secure.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you are contacting your mortgage broker Red Deer about making an investment into multi-residential properties is the advantage you will be given by having other people pay off the debt you owe on the property. This, combined with low interest rates, means you could be responsible for little to none of your monthly mortgage payments!

While there are a lot of financial benefits to these types of investments, there is also a great deal of responsibility involved. Before investing in a multi-residential property, you should do your research into what is required with property management and consider what occupancy rates you would need and can realistically expect to make your investment worthwhile.

Similarly to many other investment mortgages, those for multiple residential properties involve governmental regulations and carry legal and financial ramifications. Because of this, you should not only consult with a mortgage professional but a lawyer and accountant as well, before you begin the mortgage process.

At Dominion Lending Centre, our mortgage broker Red Deer, Tania Grozelle, is experienced in working with mortgages for multi-residential properties. She will provide you with advice on financing your investment and shop around to make sure that you get the best mortgage for your investment needs!

Contact Tania today to discuss your financing options.

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